The meeting concerns optical studies at all atmospheric altitudes. Topics include all aspects of optical science including ground-based, in-situ and space-based observations, theory, new techniques, new experiments, etc.

The meeting will bring together scientists to exchange experiences, share scientific results, and plan and coordinate ongoing and future experiments.

We invite you to present and discuss optical science related to:

  • aurora and ionosphere-thermosphere interaction
  • noctilucent clouds and mesospheric aeronomy
  • atmospheric electricity (e.g. sprites, blue jets etc.)
  • aerosol and clouds
  • meteors
  • active experiments in the upper atmosphere
  • ground-based, in-situ and space-based instruments
  • new facilities

There will also be a special session to discuss possible synergies between optical and radar techniques related to the EISCAT_3D project.

During the meeting there will be an intercalibration workshop for low-light sources. If you intend to bring a source for calibration please contact Urban Brändström as soon as possible.

Scientific Programme Committee:

Tima Sergienko (Chair)
Urban Brändström
Johan Kero
Michael Gausa
Björn Gustavsson
Fred Sigernes
Mike Taylor
Oscar van der Velde
Daniel Whiter